Dubsado is an amazing client relationship management software. This software lets you have all of the important information of your clients in one place and looks super professional to clients too! It can be pretty confusing and time consuming to set up and get going though! You need a solid business system to keep yourself sane and show your clients that you are the real deal.


This is where I come into the Dubsado mix

What makes me Dubsado qualified

You’re probably thinking “what makes you qualified to help me?” Well, let’s start here:

I started using this lifesaver for my photography and virtual assistance business mid 2017, and so I have spent hours upon hours working with Dubsado. Of course I absolutely loved the system, and at the end of 2017 I started helping other entrepreneurs create the best system for their unique business! A typical set up takes more than 16 hours.

With this in mind, I have helped more than 10 entrepreneurs, so I have at least 160 hours of experience. For this reason, I consider myself to be a Dubsado specialist. Although I don’t know everything, but you can be sure that I will research and find the answer for you! 

Kendra got my Dubsado workflow all set up so I could focus on my own business. That’s huge not to have to worry and trust someone to get the back-end processes done. Thanks, Kendra!

Christine Jerry

Management Service, Christine Jerry

Kendra is extremely knowledgeable and during her audit gave me awesome tips to help keep my business organized. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again! Her customer service is A1 and she is very passionate about what she does! Highly recommend!

Kaytie Nicole Stapleton

Photographer, Kaytie Nicole Photography

I have 3 main Dubsado services

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