I hired Kendra to help me design some forms in Dubsado. She had great ideas and an eye for pretty forms. I was very satisfied with how it turned out and can highly recommend her for anythings Dubs related.

Fabienne Emma Joss

If you’re looking for someone to help design your graphics, PDFs, workbooks, etc., Kendra is your girl! A lot of designers I’ve worked with in the past have had a hard time understanding my brand – it’s feminine but not girly, modern but in a traditional field (law) – but Kendra understood it perfectly as soon as I showed her a few of the graphics on my website! She is super communicative and a gem to work with. I’m so glad I now have my go-to person for all my design needs. Hire Kendra for all your design needs too – you will not regret it!

Diana Chen

Kendra was a godsend and I am so glad I made the jump to work with her! Kendra contacted me after seeing a post of mine pleading for help with workflows and lead captures on the Dubsado platform. I had been a user of Dubsado for a few months and while the platform was great, I knew I wasn’t using it to my full potential. Kendra helped me achieve automation in my business by creating a lead capture form to interest clients, a design proposal form to help them learn about my offerings and select their preferred service, and a versatile workflow that took my clients through my entire process – all of which can happen automatically – saving me valuable time! Kendra helped me see the powers of the Dubsado platform and helped me harness it to completely transform my business for the better. Thanks Kendra!

Amanda Burg

I threw $600 into a scheduling program and hiring someone to set up an automated way to get my clients on the books with payment. It turned out, the scheduling program couldn’t do what I needed it to, and the person I hired wasn’t savvy enough to realize it before I paid her to set it all up. With just days before I wanted to launch this new way of booking clients, I had nothing! I got in touch with Kendra and she immediately knew the best way to solve my problem, using Dubsado, which I had ALREADY paid for–which means I can hopefully get refunded all that money I paid for the scheduling program!! Kendra’s wisdom has saved my business hundreds of dollars and given me confidence in the best steps to take as my business has unexpectedly boomed.

Libby Bratt

Kendra is AhMazing! She responds really fast, very efficient and a pleasure to work with….thank you so much for your help! I appreciate you and will recommend you to everyone I know who needs virtual assistance!!

Yvette Zona

Kendra created a client portal banner for me for use in Dubsado. Her responsiveness is the best I’ve ever seen. Her product was exactly what I briefly described via email. I will be using Kendra again once I am at a point to get Dubsado really automated.

Julie Malone

Thank you Kendra for redesigning my website to exactly what I envisioned it to be! I’ve learnt so much more about the back end of the site than I ever thought was possible, and i’m so pleased I know how to navigate my way around it now. It’s finally up and running, so here’s to heaps more business coming my way! 

Leann Terry McCabe

I highly recommend Kendra. she managed to move my entire site from Squarespace to WordPress in a week. my deadline was very urgent and last minute. Kendra was very willing to help me & I am very pleased with the results 😊

Shannon Sweetman

Kendra helped me set up forms in Dubsado forms and designed my welcome guide! She does great work!

Dani Reigns

I hired Kendra to help me set up Dubsado. I had Dubsado for months and started to add a client here or there but the set up was wayyyy too overwhelming and time consuming for me and honestly more brain cells than I wanted to use on technical stuff! I came across Kendra’s name in a online group and decided to ask her for help! She listened to the way I wanted my workflow to go and then she put it into action! I needed to do a little bit of tweaking but she was really nice to show me how to do that. If your in doubt…try her…you will not regret it!

Allie Burke

I cant say enough amazing things about Kendra! She is SOOOO helpful! I truly would not have booked clients if it wasn’t for sure helping me with things on my site and on my platform. I was so lost and she helped me through it all and totally went above and beyond what I had asked of her. She is so sweet and you can tell she cares about her clients !

Sydnie Leah

I found Kendra through the Dubsado FB group and she helped me set up workflows to automate my systems. Every time I would try to do it myself it would seem overwhelming but Kendra was able to help me simplify it and talk through some ideas of what might be the best way to approach it. She did a great job and I appreciate her help so much!

Katey Taylor Deegan

Kendra is amazing with all the technical side and the marketing. She helped me set up Dubsado and she designed my beautiful website. She is always easy to communicate with and super available to meet your needs!
Love you

Elisa Canali

Kendra is an asset to my business. Trust worthy and committed. I can always rely on her!

Claire Stansfield

I enjoyed working with Kendra on a sales page project. She completed the page on time and it was exactly what I needed to launch my new health coaching program.

Angie Boudreaux LeBlanc

Kendra is AMAZING. What I had scrambled my brain trying to figure out, and dreaded finishing on the back end of my website and client management system, she swooped in and finished flawlessly and with little direction. She’s a pro! A God send actually!! Thank you Kendra!

Melissa Schwartz Jones

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