What if every course or webinar you launched
had beautifully branded material to go with it?


Beautifully branded

Why invest in branded material?


  • It makes you look professional and that you know what you’re doing: This will lead to more sales or more people watching your webinars!
  • It adds value: Your students or attendees can feel like they are leaving with something to keep and look back on for continuous growth.
  • It keeps everything organized: It helps you to stay organized with your content, and allows your students to have everything in one place to refer to. This encourages a better learning experience!

The real question is, why would you NOT invest in it? Here’s what’s included:

Up to 60 pages beautifully designed

Whether you need a PDF, workbook, printable or opt-in designed, this offer gives you the most value

Fillable PDFs

You know those super cool checklists and workbooks where you can download and fill them in as you need? Yep, those! I will make any workbooks, checklists, etc completely fillable!

A gorgeous graphic promoting your new PDF

I design a beautiful graphic like the ones you see above. You can use this to promote your new course or webinar!


All for only $250 USD

What Diana says

If you’re looking for someone to help design your graphics, PDFs, workbooks, etc., Kendra is your girl! A lot of designers I’ve worked with in the past have had a hard time understanding my brand – it’s feminine but not girly, modern but in a traditional field (law) – but Kendra understood it perfectly as soon as I showed her a few of the graphics on my website! She is super communicative and a gem to work with. I’m so glad I now have my go-to person for all my design needs. Hire Kendra for all your design needs too – you will not regret it!

Diana Chen

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